2021 Department Line Officers

Fire Chief - Stanley Mitchell

1st. Asst. Chief - Laverne Jones Jr.

2nd. Asst. Chief - D.J. Thum

Captain - Todd Winsman

Asst. Captain - Rusty Warner

Lieutenant - John Sargalis

Asst. Lieutenant - Andrew Millard

Fire Police Captain - Frank Veeder

Chaplain - Thomas Flander Jr.

2021 Department Executive Officers

President - Anthony Bruno

Vice-President - Casey McEvoy

Treasurer - Doug Sullivan

Secretary - Kimberly Sargalis

Financial Secretary - Andrew Ault III

Sgt.-At-Arms - Christopher Pilchen

Support Fire Fighters

Cara Bruno

Gloria Bruno

Ann Griffith

Mike Lewis

Rhonda McSpirit 

Cindy Mitchell

Margaret Smith

Darlene Warner

Jeananna Warner

Faye Winsman

Amanda Veeder


Andrew Ault III

Eric Ball

Anthony Bruno

Gary Carpenter

Thomas Crosier

John Douglass

Jonathan Flander

Thomas Flander Jr.

Daniel Gray

Jeremiah Hinkle

Laverne Jones Jr. 

Teresa Jones

Jeffery Kaczor*

Paul Krug

Benjamin Kruger

James Lovisa

Casey McEvoy

Charles McSpirit

Andrew Millard

Joshua Mitchell

Stanley Mitchell

Christopher Pilchen

Wayne Santos

John Sargalis

Justin Sargalis

Kimberly Sargalis

Adam Schwabrow

Ronald Smith

Douglas Sullivan

D.J. Thum

Dylan VanNostrand

Frankie Veeder

Russell Warner

Russell Warner Jr.

Christopher Weaver*

William Wemple

Todd Winsman

* - Denotes Mutual Aid Firefighter. Mutual aid firefighters are members of another department, but work in or near the fire district and are authorized to respond to calls as a TOM firefighter as needed or available. 

Excempt Members

5+ yrs. of Service / Not Active

Andrew Griffith

Robert Dunbar

Alexander Isabella

Seth Mitchell

Mark Wilmot


Life Members

25+ yrs. of Service / Not Active

To Be Added

Last Alarm

Deceased Members

To Be Added

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