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The Town of Mohawk Fire District operates in New York State as a local government entity focused on providing fire protection and emergency response services within its designated area. It is governed by a Board of Fire Commissioners, similar to how towns or villages are managed.

This board consists of five members elected by the public for five-year terms, with staggered elections ensuring continuity. The Treasurer and Secretary positions are appointed.

The main responsibilities of the Fire District include providing facilities, equipment, and support for the Fire Department's efforts in firefighting and emergency medical services. The primary source of funding is through Fire District taxes, supplemented occasionally by grants and utility funds for specific projects. Annual audits by certified accountants ensure compliance with state regulations.

Our commitment is to deliver excellent service to the residents of the Town of Mohawk Fire District, ensuring they receive the best firefighting equipment and services at reasonable costs.



Board of Fire Commissioners

Chairman - William VanGorder

Deputy Chairman - John Buccos

Commissioner  - Thomas Flander Jr. 

Commissioner - Brittany Holzmann

Commissioner - Amber Sitterly 

District Treasurer - Ruthie Cook

District Secretary - Kimberly Sullivan


District Meetings:

Held on the first Monday, after the first Tuesday each month @ 7:00 pm 


Contact us at:
Town of Mohawk Fire District
2645 State Hwy 30A

PO Box 622
Fonda, New York 12068

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