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     The Town of Mohawk Fire District is a political sub-division of New York State and was established for the purpose of providing fire protection and emergency response within the boundaries of Town of Mohawk Fire District and any other outlying Districts that the Board of Fire Commissioners decides to provide similar protection to.  The Board of Fire Commissioners is the District’s governing group and has authority, within its District, similar to that of  a Town, Village or School Board. The authority and conduct of the District and the Fire Commissioners is closely regulated and monitored by the State. The Board is comprised of 5 Fire Commissioners that are publicly elected for terms of 5 years each.  The election of these Commissioners is staggered so that, normally, only one Commissioner would be up for election each calendar year. The Treasurer and Secretary for the Board are appointed positions. 


     Basically, the Fire District’s responsibility is to provide buildings, apparatus, services and equipment to the Fire Department for their use in fire suppression and emergency medical service efforts. The District’s income comes from Fire District taxes.  Periodically, government funding and utility grants are available to assist paying for specific projects. The Fire District’s records and monies are audited every year by an accounting firm to ensure compliance with New York State regulations. 

     The Board is committed to its mission of providing the residents of the Town of Mohawk Fire District with excellent service and the most up-to-date Fire Fighting equipment and apparatus at the most affordable cost.



Board of Fire Commissioners

Chairman - William VanGorder

Deputy Chairman - John Buccos

Commissioner  - Thomas Flander Jr. 

Commissioner - Brittany Holzmann

Commissioner - Ben Kruger

District Treasurer - Ruthie Cook

District Secretary - Kimberly Sullivan


District Meetings:

Held on the first Monday, after the first Tuesday each month @ 7:00 pm 


Contact us at:
Town of Mohawk Fire District
2645 State Hwy 30A

PO Box 622
Fonda, New York 12068

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